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21 Acres , 3 Bedroom 2 Bath New Construction, Utuado , Puerto Rico , Barrio Vivi Abajo If you are a return visitor, please press here

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Large productive property in the Caribbean .Geographically situated exactly 1 mile from the center of the town of Utuado . 2 miles by car to center of town , Plaza in front of Iglesia San Miguel Arcangel.

LOCATION , LOCATION, LOCATION......RURAL setting yet close to everything. Beautiful one year old "One of a Kind" elevated home. located in a very quiet, very nice neighborhood with no crime and no problems..Great neighbors up and down the hill..Property is unique in that the home is not down in a valley where it would bake during the day with no breezes, nor is it clinging precariously to a tiny piece of land on the side of the road. It is not carved into the side of a mountain either. This home is built on its own "hard earth" hill where it receives constant easterly breezes which keep it cool . Because of its location, it is physically impossible to flood this home, the yard, the driveway or the front lot. NO mud nor landslides either...This makes it stand out from 90% of the homes in PR. and it is also one of the many desirable characteristics of this property. Super close to shopping, schools and U.S. Post Office,. Zip Code 00641 . Utuado has one of the lowest , if not THE lowest, crime ratesof all municipalities of Puerto Rico..... You will not find a comparable property to this one in location ,home construction , proximity to town and land area and overall quality for less than $350,000.00 on this Island. Do your own research, see what comparable properties are going for, and then come and get your new home..

MONTHLY HOME EXPENSES: Water $13.00 , Electric $40-60.00 , Taxes Annual $70.00 That is it!


Home is built 300 feet from the road . All utilities (electric, phone and water) underground from the street.
City (municipal) water,. 2 other natural fresh water sources ( not creek) on property. Huge, oversized septic tank. Because of its location., it is physically impossible to flood tank. Tank will not overflow nor retain water because of its location. Only water from toilets go into tank. All other waste water (all sinks, roof and washing machine ) is carried away from home via two seperate conduits and distributed into finca. APPROX. 3.543 S.F of CONSTRUCTION..

Municipal trash pickup , once a week , just like in the states.

.....................................HOME IS NOT FURNISHED...................................

Taxes are approximately $70.00 per year!!
2 Gated entrances that open to the street. 2 separate sites for future construction. One site (high , dry and rock hard earth) right as you enter the property ,see photos , the other accessible through road that traverses the property, see photo. Power, telephone and cable would be provided to secondary lot by power pole adjacent to secondary lot.. See photo.

Ample covered parking for 6 cars below home. Also ample parking out front.

Home is "OVERBUILT" for construction code.

Built with licensed Engineer and construction overseen by me ( the owner). Not typical "Puerto Rico" construction as you will see on just about every home here. Concrete will not fall from the face of the building in 2 years. Columns are at least double , triple , and in someplaces four times the size per code, with solid concrete (not block) and 2X the rebar construction per code. Double the rebar per code throughout structure. Roof poured as one piece. Not slab poured then block buildup around edges and center. This is the strongest roof in Utuado. You will not find a home built more solid than this in the area.. I would venture that this is one of the strongest structures between here and Arecibo. 150 amp electrical panel upstairs. 150 amp electrical panel downstairs. Also integrated transfer switch and separate hookups for a generator if deired. Dish Networks dishes and receivers installed. Internet access via dial up at present. Cable available out at the street for TV or broadband.

There is an additional empty 2" PVC conduit that runs from the power panel (4 meter box) at the street to the downstairs breaker box in the house. (300 feet) This is to accomodate an additional power cable if you choose to run tthe lower half of the house on its own meter. It is currently fed by upper homes' current.In addition to this conduit there are also two additional empty 1" PVC conduits that are plumbed in the same manner. These are to accomodate cable and/or an extra phone line to the house if needed.

Kitchen : All Solid Cedar cabinets and shelving throughout .

Hii-powered sodium security lamp in yard provided by the AEEPR (Power Co. of PR) and powered free of charge.

4 meter electrical panel at the street. See photo. 27' x 12' elevated terrace with double doors opening to the dining area. Double doors in master bedroom open to 5.5' x 18' private balcony overlooking the town of Utuado. Spectacular and breathtaking panoramic views, especially at night from the master bedroom overlooking town.. During December ,January and February, it is actually "cold " at night. Cold enough that you will need a blanket. 600 gallon water reserve tank. 40 Gallon Stainless Solar water heater. 8'4" ceilings upstairs, 8'6" downstairs. 3 bedroom 2 full baths. Tile floors throughout, Hunter ceiling fans in all bedrooms and throughout home. Floor to ceiling closets , with mirrored doors, in 2 bedrooms. Walk in closet in master bedroom.

Land : 21 acres total...5 acres cleared for sheep, cattle, horses. llamas, ostrich whatever you want to keep. There are no restrictions...Property comes with a flock of sheep , if desired, about 200 or so. 9 acres (more than 10000 plants) planted with platanos. This is some of the richest soil in Puerto Rico. 4 varieties of oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and avocados are among the trees on this property as well as cocos (coconuts) , bananas , coffee trees , limones, mangoes , breadfruit ,carambola, guava, blueberries, achiote, tamarind and 3 varieties of platanos. All forms of indigenous PR wildlife on the property, From lizards and iguanas to mongooses , which are like squirrels here. Countless indigenous birds as well as feral cockatiels, parakeets and the occasional parrot inhabit the property. Also Red tailed hawks and a family of kestrels make their homes close to the house..

A lush , green tropical paradise.

2 Sets of Photos taken Nov 2007------------->>>>> EXTERIOR HOME and ALSO HERE, ........................... PHOTOS 9-15-07 HERE and there are more photos CLICK HERE of the skies as seen at various times during the day. Taken from the terrace surrounding the home.

For additional photos of the acreage surrounding this home, click here--> YARD , ACREAGE or SHEEP for even more photos.

Property has its (click here-->) OWN CREEK WITH FALLS , of Puerto Rico granite and green marble. Large section of creek can be dammed to produce a small lake or large pond for livestock . Old 3 sided concrete and stone structure still standing on lower northern section of the finca near creek.

Utuado is a small quiet, town located between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. (check the above links for photos and culture) and Utuado is one of Puerto Ricos prime tourist destinations due to its climate, its beauty and its cultural roots ------>> CLICK HERE For local attractions!. The expressway RTE. 10 runs right thru town. It should be thoroughly completed by the end of 2008. A new Walmart will be constructed also in 2008 ? as they have already leased the land.. Arecibo Telescope and Camuy Caverns are super close. This town is growing and is slated to expand greatly within the next decade due to the completion of the expressway , its fast access to both coasts and its wonderful climate. Those in Ponce , looking to escape the unbearable heat of the summer are buying weekend properties here. There is less than three miles of the expressway to complete between here and Adjuntas..


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RURAL home located in RURAL Puerto Rico. The neighborhood and the town bear no resemblance to what you would find in the tourist areas of old San Juan or any other metro area. Life is much slower and the people are friendlier here.As with any town on this island, you are just as likely to see horses on the roads as you are to see cars. Home is not out in the boondocks, We are so close to town that when the D'Aqui coffee co-op (Exporters and Packagers) roasts their coffee ,the aroma of roasting coffee drifts right through this home. This website is an actual depiction pf the home and property .

PLEASE READ: .If you have a relevant serious question , and you are interested in this type of property, you can give me a call. This is the lowest price you will find on this island for this type of property, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Please remember, this is a home,/farm/finca/ranch , not a mansion of any sort...This website is a fair and accurate depiction of the home and property....... .Right now, we would rather sell the home at this price, which is at a loss to us, than to have to maintain a second home that we will not be using....What more is there to say?. Simple, right?

Answers to your questions..1. There is nothing wrong with this home nor the property upon which it sits. What you see in the photos is what you will see in person. .2. There are no chemical dumps , garbage dumps nor junkyards in , on , or close to this land . A comparable property, if you were to find one, would be in the (minimum) 350K and upwards range..Do your own research. We are not interested in property or equity swapping. Straight cash or mortgage only, no creative financing from owner. We will not rent you this home for a week or two.. This is not a hotel.., If you are interested in the home, come to Puerto Rico and see it. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OFFERS VIA EMAIL NOR TELEPHONE.You will not recieve a reply....

Property is not beachfront, nor are there spas in the area nor is there a community pool ,tennis courts on the site nor are there casinos in town.. Please look at a map or Download Google Earth.. We are located in a small town, just like any small town USA except the people speak spanish as the common language, not English. There is a Walgreens in town as well as Burger King and McDonalds. A Payless shoe store and a few other US Commercial icons. This link will show you Utuado in a photo history >>>>>> CLICK HERE....<<<<<<< CLICK HERE... for some really beautiful recent photos of Utuado and its surroundings. Be sure to check out the photo links at the bottom of the links page..

Home is "NOT" listed with a realtor. It is being sold by owners.. TAXES ARE CURRENT. CASH SALE YOU COULD BE LIVING IN THIS HOME IN TWO WEEKS! MORTGAGE 4 WEEKS..Home is ready to go!..All questions concerning availability or " RELEVANT" questions regarding the property , you can email me ...Serious inquiries only please!!!!!!!!..Home and property are not open for general public inspection, AN APPOINTMENT IS NESCESSARY, HOME PRICE IS NOT NEGOCIABLE . If you would like to make an appointment to see this property, you will need to be prequalified by a bank or lending institution here in PR. Banks in the US will not finance properties in PR. Again do your research before wasting our time and yours.We are no longer entertaining looky-loos, deadbeats and daydreamers.. IMPORTANT -->>This is the situation, this home is being given away at this price , If you can not afford the price of 248K or this is not in your price range, and you have no intention of personally viewing this property, then you need to be looking at properties that suit your budget. We will not show the home to someone you send here in your place......The home and a good portion of the property can be seen from the street at a good distance...BUT....If you are prequalified and this is the type of property that you're looking for, we will be happy to show you the property. Just so you know, you will be screened.This is a private gated property..You will not find a comparable property in PR at this price or anything close to it. If you're looking for that exceptional tropical home on an exceptional tract of land at an unheard of price, then come and get your home.. very simple.This should clear up a lot of questions and save you a phone call. ..NO LOWBALLERS , BOTTOM FEEDERS nor WINDOW SHOPPERS ..One last thing..The sunsets here are spectacular..see the last photos!


Contact: owner@palmparadise.net

The property will be shown by someone other than the owners...................



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View from Streetfront of homeLiving RoomLiving Room Dining Room All Solid Cedar Cabinets in KitchenLiving RoomUpper DeckStairsStairs
NON-SLIP SANDED TILE STAIRWELL, something you will never see in a PR home though it is absolutely nescessary! StairwellStairwell2nd Bedroom 2nd Bedroom Master Bedroom Master BedroomMaster Bedroom ClosetHallway Hall BathMaster Bath 3rd BedroomDownstairs Terrace Driveway Other Side of Property Front Gate Secondary Entrance Portones Front Gate at Street Front Lot Front Lot Streetside Driveway DrivewayPlatanosFrom road to creek Side of Home with Papyrus and CocosRear of HomeTable and ChairsPlatanos DownstairsHome is plumbed (electric and water) for optional electric water heaterTerraceDownstairs front of home valves40 gallon Stainless Solar Water Heater Electrical Panel Downstairs Solar Water Heater Alturas de Utuado Other Side of HomeSide of HomeFront YardStreet View4 panel  box at street for future constructionSheep GroupGrass Backyard Map of Barrios Rainbow from StairwellEgret in the YardRainbow on Christmas EveRecent arrivalsEvening skyEvening skyRight after the rain sunset!!

Now catch a flight and come see this home!!

The temperature below is the temperature in town. We're always , at the very least , a couple of degrees cooler here

Click for Utuado, Puerto Rico Forecast

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